Fees & Grant Funding

Government funding for 15 or 30 hours a week is available for all three and four year olds, applicable the term after turning three.

Government funding for 15 hours a week is available for all funded two year olds.

For children attending more than 15 hours a week, over a 38 week year, and for those children not eligible for funding the costs are as follows:

Morning Session       8.45-11.45     £14.85             
Morning & Lunch       8.45-12.45    £19.80              
All day session          8.45 – 3.15     £32.37          
Afternoon session     12.45-3.15     £12.37            
Lunch & Afternoon    11.45-3.15      £17.32            
Snack 50p per session
All children £4.95 per hour
Dinky Active  £2.00 per session
Moo Music    £2.00 per session


We accept child care vouchers. Please contact us for further information.