News & Forthcoming Events

Weekly news……. 15th January 2021

This week the children worked together to make a mountain using a variety of resources. We talked about what animals may live on the mountain. The children decided to cut, draw and stick the animals onto the mountain. We had a variety of animals from gorilla’s to hedgehogs! If you made a mountain or ice decoration please do upload this to Famly for us to see!!

We have welcomed some new families to preschool and it has been really lovely to see their child settle with us so well. Thank you for entrusting us with your precious little ones. We do hope you feel part of our preschool family.

As part of our ‘Mud’ investigations we are hoping to go for muddy walks just around the school field next week so please can we ask that the children have some waterproofs and wellies.

A big thank you for all the parents and carers who are wearing their masks. Please if you are able to, wear a mask when dropping off and collecting your child. This helps to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can at those times.

For those of you who are at home and claim funding we will be sending out a form for you to complete. With the form will be a stamped addressed envelope so that it can be returned to us as soon as possible. When you receive your form please complete as if your child was in preschool for the whole term like normal. We ask for all forms to be returned by the end of next week. Any questions please as always just ask for Miss Emma or Miss Trudy you will help.

Please do check your Famly accounts for any outstanding payments. If these could be settled by next Friday that would be fantastic! Any questions please speak to Miss Emma or Miss Trudy.

Next week….

Our nature theme for next week is to explore mud and rocks. We will be asking the children in the setting and at home to complete some challenges / activities based on this theme.

Challenge 1 – Rocks Please take a look at land art by Andy Goldsworthy and using various sizes and textures of rocks, create a rock sculpture based on his work. Also see if you can collect a variety of different sized rocks and sort these by colour, shape size and texture. And if you are feeling like you might want to do some cooking, you could make some rock cakes.

Challenge 2 – Mud Go on a muddy walk, make sure you are prepared with wellies and waterproof clothing and have a big splash and squelch in the mud, listening to the different sounds it makes. Also see if you can collect different textures of mud in pots, some old paintbrushes, add some water and make a mud picture. You might even want to make your own natural paintbrushes from sticks and leaves.

You could also combine the two challenges to create and build with mud and rocks, we look forward to seeing what you create.

Please read the mud safety information attached. After you have completed your challenges, you might need a bath!. Please share our story video this week about ‘The Big Red Bath’.

Have a safe, muddy and fun weekend!

Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo

Weekly news…. 8th January 2021!

Welcome back to the start of our Spring Term.

We welcomed many of you back into preschool this week which was really lovely and we hope we have helped families during this difficult time.

With all the news about the safety of children in early years we felt it important to share with you The Department of Education statement on the reasoning behind opening.

‘Early years settings remain low risk environments for children and staff. 0-5 year olds continue to have the lowest confirmed rates of coronavirus of all age groups, and there is no evidence that the new variant of coronavirus disproportionately affects young children. Evidence shows that pre-school children are less susceptible to infection and are not playing a driving role in transmission. There is no evidence the new strain of the virus causes more serious illness in either children or adults and there continues to be strong evidence that children are much less susceptible to severe clinical disease than older people.

PHE advice remains that the risk of transmission and infection is low if early years settings follow the system of controls, which reduce risks and create inherently safer environments.

Early years childcare providers were one of the first sectors to have restrictions lifted last summer, in recognition of the key role they play in society. Childminders and nursery staff across the country have worked hard to keep settings open through the pandemic so that young children can be educated, and parents can work. The earliest years are the most crucial point of child development and attending early education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and supports children’s social and emotional development. We continue to prioritise keeping early years settings open in full because of the clear benefits to children’s education and wellbeing and to support working parents. Caring for the youngest age group is not something that can be done remotely.’

We are still following all the same systems of controls and guidance as before Christmas and playing our part in reducing transmission.

Home schooling: To keep links to preschool for those home schooling we will be setting a weekly challenge linked to our nature study. We will also be filming a weekly story time which you can share with your child along with another challenge!

Please do upload all the wonderful learning that you are doing at home and be assured that your doing a great job! We are here in preschool to offer you all as much support as we can and are always on the end of the phone or message. It is important to keep in touch with you all and we will do our upmost to make contact weekly. Remember you are doing a good job.

This week in preschool we have started to explore our ice and mountains as part of our nature study. We have been really focusing on making our children feel welcomed and settled this first week as we felt this to be really important during this uncertain time.

Next week we will continue and expand on our ice and mountain study. So the challenge is……… Ice challenge………. Look for winter leaves, foliage and fallen petals outside with your child and add these to a muffin tray and freeze them over night. Then hang them in your gardens as beautiful natural decorations. Talk to your children about what things you have found, size, shape, colour, weight and ask questions. we use ‘I wonder what….’ to allow the children to think, predict and challenge themselves. Google together things that they are curious about to extend their learning and most of all have fun. Upload your decorations for us to see and let us know the things your child has asked and researched! Mountain challenge….. As we are finding out about mountains we challenge you into making your own. Use whatever you like and be as creative as you can! Upload your journey in making the mountain and let us know if they learnt something new!

Reminders: All funding forms to be returned by Wednesday next week please. All invoices to be paid by 15th January – please check your accounts as we have some still outstanding from last term *Remember social distancing when waiting outside of preschool

We wish you all to have a safe and fun weekend. We look forward to seeing some of you next week and the amazing learning you have done at home.

As an extra precaution and in line with schools, we are asking if possible that on drop off and collection of your child that you wear a face mask as of Monday 11th January. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of staff.

Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo



Weekly news…… 11.12.2020

It has been a really lovely festive week at preschool. Bozea the Christmas Elf has been up to his normal tricks… he has fell asleep on the stable, did a spot of panting and even got stuck to the floor by the dinosaurs!

We hope that you have been enjoying our countdown to Christmas although I must apologize for our singing!! With only a week left at preschool excitement is building to the big day…..

There are a few outstanding/new invoices left to pay. Please do check your app. Any questions please do speak to Miss Trudy or Miss Emma.

A massive thank you for everyone who has purchased our hot chocolate cones and raffle numbers! A big thank you for all that donated or supported this fundraiser this is very much appreciated.

Have a lovely safe weekend and we all look forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo 🙂




Weekly news…….. 4th December 2020

Welcome again to our weekly news. We started the week in our normal way but this all changed when Santa sent one of his magical Christmas Elf’s! Bozea came to preschool and was inside our curiosity cube. He then proceeded to decorate the preschool and make snow angels. We do hope he behaves over the weekend….

We have been thinking about winter and hibernation this week. The children learnt this new word and thought about the various animals that sleep through the winter months. We enjoyed stories about these animals at circle time and got to meet ‘Harry the Hedgehog’. The children had the opportunity to make their own hedgehog homes and these will be coming home next week.

Our stick insects had a little adventure out and the children took great pleasure in making sure they were okay.

In and around the room there was lots of opportunities to explore numbers and letters. The children could splat their letters in the tuff tray and match buttons on the snowman to the number on his hat.

The Sunshine group have been practicing their nativity and this will be sent out for those parents. The Rainbows have been singing and we will be doing a Preschool Countdown to Christmas starting on Monday!!

We are all really proud of the children this week as they have been extremely welcoming to our new children. It’s really heart warming to see them be so kind to others and you all should be really proud.

We had a surprise social distanced visitor on Friday……… Santa!!!! Normally we would of had our Nativity and party at the village hall and sadly this could not happen this year. It was really lovely that he took time out to come and visit us. Although he was not able to meet you all he left everyone a small gift.

Have a lovely weekend and we hope you all stay safe and well.

Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo x



We are all in uncharted times and this can be very difficult for many of our families. Although our doors may be closed we will always be there for you all if you just need to chat. Please continue to add your photos and videos of things you are doing at home as a family and we will do the same as part of our weekly news.

Please, if you are struggling and do need to talk to someone please let us know and one of the team will give you a call no questions asked.

We are here for you all and hope you all stay safe.

Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo xxxx

Weekly News 1st March 2020

This week has been full of curiosity and awe as the children settled back into preschool life.
Miss Trudy set up an exploration table exploring texture, smell and fine motor skills in the creative area. The children were able to use the various equipment to make their own patterns, mixtures or marks. This was linked to Pancake Day and the children were able to enjoy some delicious pancakes cooked by Miss Hannah!
We had a little shuffle around in the entrance and we are still looking for another book case, sideboard and occasional chair. Please do let us know if you have anything you think we may need.
We welcomed back Coach Jon and Moo Music this week which the children really enjoyed.
This week the children have really investigated the loose parts and have been building all over the room which is fantastic. We may have some builders and architects in the making!!
This week a child talked about drawing a spaceman, this lead into them thinking about space. To follow this interest we are inviting the older children to bring in something to do with space for our curiosity cube next week.
World Book Day –
As World book day approaches we see an influx of expensive dress up costumes appear in shops and the pressure is on to dress up as your favourite character to celebrate and encourage story telling and reading.
However we would like to encourage families to save their money and buy books rather than costumes . What you could spend on a costume you could buy up to three books or even more from a charity shop.
We would like to start and promote a two book challenge, buy 1 book to keep and donate the other to nursery, school, hospital, children’s centres, doctors and dentist waiting rooms or even leave a book somewhere for a child to find.
Give a gift of opportunity to read and develop literacy skills and ditch the manufactured costume and if you really want to dress up, put a smile on the worlds face with a home made costume.
We would also like you throughout the week to access our lending library in our entrance. This is where you can choose a book to share at home at bedtime before returning it the following day.
We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo 😀

Weekly news 24th January 2020

We have had a fun filled week at preschool. The children have been extending their mathematical knowledge and practicing some fine motor skills. We also celebrated some birthdays this week including Miss Jo’s. She would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes.
This week Coach Jon was feeling a bit under the weather but was cheered up by the children’s enthusiasm. We split into two teams and raced to turn craters into mountains! Team Trude won one and Team Jo won another so let’s call that a draw! 😏
We went on an adventure with moo music and travelled on a train. We stopped to watch the clouds float by before catching some bubbles.
A few of the children went on a walk around the grounds. We searched for twigs, sticks and bugs. Along the way we came across the church. We looked inside the church. The children wondered and ask questions about the objects inside. They even sang twinkle twinkle.
In group time the older children tested their sense of smell. They had to try and think of words to describe the smells and even have a guess. The children smelt lemon, BBQ sauce, peppercorns, coffee, tulips, and a candle. They thought of words such as strong, urgh, strawberry, sweet and yummy to describe the items. Next week Miss Hannah would like the children to bring in something that makes a sound as she will be exploring how we hear.
This week we also introduced Yoga for the children. This helps the children to manage anxiety, emotions, boost self esteem, enhance concentration and memory, increase the children’s body awareness it also helps with discipline and reduce impulsivity.
Next week we will be exploring China and celebrating their New Year! If you have anything from China please could you bring this in for us to explore. We are also asking the children to dress up (if they wish) as their animal from the Chinese zodiac.
2015 – Goat who is calm, gentle and sympathetic
2016 – Monkey who is sharp, smart and curious
2017 – Rooster who is observant, hardworking and courageous
Things to remember…………..
Older children to bring in something that makes a sound for our curiosity cube.
Dress up as your Chinese zodiac sign
Bring in something from China
Have a fabulous weekend on your mini adventures. Do not forget to upload them to tapestry for us to share. We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Miss Emma, Miss Hannah, Miss Trudy and Miss Jo 😀

Weekly News 17th January 2020

Sorry for the late news!!
This week the children had lots of wonderful provocations to explore.
Miss Trudy had hidden some phonemes in shredded paper. The children had to search for them and try and find letters from their names. Miss Jo had a story table where the children could think and explore Goldilocks and the 3 bears. This lead the children into making their own puppets which where fantastic! The children also had the Bear Hunt activity. They could act out the story and explore the different textures.
In group time the older children explored the curiosity cube. Inside was a mixture of textures. The children had to use their senses to touch, see and smell the objects. Next week we are asking the children to bring in something that smells!
This week we saw Coach Jon and Maggie Moo which the children enjoyed.
Invoices had been handed out so please could these be settle promptly. Any problems/questions please do ask Miss Emma.
Future events and dates……
Preschool Committee are organising an Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of term before the holidays, 3rd April starting at 1.30pm. Come in fancy dress if you would like to or wear an Easter Bonnet you have made. Every child will receive a chocolate egg, and tea and cake will be available for all afterwards. Charge will be £1 per child (including egg hunt, tea and cake). Parents, carers, Grandparents and siblings are all welcome! Please let us know if you plan to come along for us to ensure there are plenty of eggs for everyone.
February Half Term – 17th – 21st
Chinese New Year – 27th Jan The children are invited to dress up as their Chinese zodiac animal. Also if anyone knows of someone who would like to come in and make some spring rolls with the children please speak to a member of staff.

Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo

Weekly News 10th January 2020!!

Happy New Year!!!
Welcome back to the start of the Spring term 2020! This week the children have been settling back into a routine both at home and at preschool. They all have been superstars this week and it has been really lovely hearing about their Christmas break.
The children have been doing lots of exciting provocations this week. They have been thinking about the Billy Goats Gruff story. This has lead to building bridges and even making up their own adventure with the troll! The troll had taken all of the fairies things and hidden them in his tree house. The children searched for the troll until they found him hiding in our cupboard. But one thing was missing………..Miss Trudy!!!! 😬 The troll had captured her and locked her in the cupboard. The children though about how they could help her. They tried knocking the troll down but this did not work. The children then decided to build a trap. They waiting quietly playing so that the troll would come out and he did. The children captured the troll and Miss Trudy escaped.
We saw Coach Jon this week and the children enjoyed running and learning about size. We also saw Maggie Moo who took us on a lovely adventure.
Next week the older children will be starting their group time. They will be thinking about textures. Please bring in something unusual for our curiosity cube so we can investigate texture. It could be a anything from a natural sponge to a feather.
We are also asking for some cereal boxes for a project next week please.
Please ensure all funding forms are returned by Monday to guarantee your child’s funding.
Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo



Weekly News 13th December 2019

We have had a very festive week with lots of lovely activities happening.
On Tuesday we had a visit from Zoolab’s Dan. He told us a story about an elf Zola who travelled around the world meeting new animals on her way. Zola was interested in what they would eat for Christmas dinner. Her first stop was America where she met Abby the corn snake. Abby is looking forward to eating some mice for her lunch! On her next stop Zola met Shelia the tarantula. We all had to be careful when looking at her as she liked to spin around showing her hairy bottom which she then throw’s hair out of! For Shelia’s lunch she was looking forward to some lovely flies, cockroaches and worms. Zola then travelled to England to meet Dennis the Guinea pig. He was very nervous so sat on his cushion. Dennis was looking forward to eating some brussels sprouts, carrots and grass. Zola set off again and this time went to Madagascar. There she met Ringo the cockroach. He loved climbing on our hands and up our arms. For his lunch he was looking forward to anything and everything!! Zola set off again to Australia. She met a white tree frog called Jabba. Jabba was not white but green. He could change colour depending on how he felt. Jabba was looking forward to some flies for Christmas. After saying goodbye to Jabba Zola set off back to the North Pole with Santa.
On Wednesday coach Jon brought the Snowman and the story. The children flew around the room and built mini snowman using the balls. He also brought the children a little treat (chocolate).
On Thursday we had Maggie Moo Christmas Special!! The children loved the Christmas theme especially the snowball song!! We then all sat down to a fabulous Christmas lunch together. The children loved pulling the crackers and enjoying their cooked lunch together.
On Friday was of course our Christmas nativity and party. The children were all fantastic and we are all so very proud. Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy our show. We hope you all enjoyed our party.
A big thank you to our committee members for giving up their time to help make our nativity and party possible. Without a team of fabulous volunteers are preschool would not be able to run. THANK YOU xx
We are always welcoming new members to join our committee. If you would like to be a part of the preschool please do speak to our Chair Katherine or any other member of the team. Our next meeting is Tuesday 7th January at 7.30pm.
We all hope you have a fabulous sparkly and restful Christmas break. We all look forward o seeing you all in the new year on Monday 6th January.
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo xx


Weekly News 29th November 2019

We all have had a busy week at preschool this week.
The children have been using their imagination lots through our loose parts. Indoors the children decided to make a lorry with the planks and chairs. This lead them to think about different professions and what they do. Their lorry was to carry the chairs as they were to heavy.
In the garden the children used the loose parts to make their own sleigh and reindeer. The children gathered all the scattered toys in the sleigh before flying off to deliver them. This was very thirsty work and they were rewarded with hot chocolate and marshmallows!!
Also in the garden the children used the building bricks to make ice skates. They pretended to skate around the garden being careful not to fall.
The children inside enjoyed drawing and being creative. We had lots of lovely pictures which was really lovely. The children enjoyed sharing the tractor calendar Miss Hannah has brought us which sparked off lots of questions about farm machines.
Coach Jon’s session was inside this week as it was just a little too wet to be outside. He went over his mini golf skills which the children enjoyed.
In group time the children thought about winter and things that are cold brrrrrr! Next week we would like to start to think about Christmas. If you have anything unusual or interesting please bring it in for our curiosity cube. This is a cube where we can explore, provoke and encourage learning.
Reverse Advent Calendar – You may of notice a box in the entrance hall. This is for our reverse advent calendar. Every year we will choose a charity to donate to. As the local food bank have plenty we have decided to donate a hamper to the local charity HOPE. Hope is an independent charity working for the benefit of those vulnerable and at risk within our community. Their aim is to provide a safe haven for those who need it, with an opportunity to learn new skills, the chance to work and become part of a team, and even progress into paid employment. We would like to collect hamper items for this charity. We will be collecting items every day until the 13th. This will then be presented to the charity in time for Christmas. We do hope everyone will support this by donating at least one item.
Next couple of weeks……….
Bring something for our Christmas Curiosity Cube
Costumes to be in by the end of the week
Any extra tickets please do ask!!
Christmas lunch box menus to be returned
Christmas present to be handed in
All outstanding invoices to be paid
Christmas Lunch on Thursday 12th
Christmas play and party Friday 13th
End of term Friday 13th
Start of the Spring term Monday 6th January 2020!!
Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo

Weekly News 22.11.19

We have had a eventful week at preschool.
On Monday we had a visit from one of Miss Hannah’s puppies. The children sat quietly on the mat and were able to stroke the puppy. Some of the children also managed to give the puppy some treats. The puppies owner also gave the children some treats which we enjoyed at snack time!
Coach Jon taught us a new sport this week….Golf! The children managed to use the oversized clubs to hit the balls. Miss Trudy and Miss Hannah also had a competition to see who could get a hole in one. Miss Hannah was the winner!!!
Maggie Moo came to visit us on Thursday and took us on an adventure through her wonderful songs.
In group time Miss Trudy talked to the children about Autumn and got the children to think of some curious questions.
‘What do Bears need to build a house in the winter?’
‘Why are the sea animals stuck underneath?’
‘Why do the animals go to sleep?’
‘Do sharks build a house?’
‘Why do the leaves fall off the tree?’
Next week Miss Hannah will be leading the group time. She will be thinking about Winter. Please bring in something that is related to winter for her to explore with the children.
We have been informed that Flu outbreaks have increased in Somerset and that a few schools and nurseries in the south west have been affected. The best protection against seasonal influenza is the annual vaccination. All preschool children from the age of two are eligible for the flu vaccine. We encourage everyone to get their children vaccinated through their GP’s. We continue to maintain a good level of infection control at preschool in the hope we can reduce the likelihood of acquiring influenza.
HOT LUNCH MENUS – please can all orders be returned by Thursday Morning at the latest to Miss Hannah. Please note that your child will not need a meal booked for the 13th as this is our Christmas party. If you have ordered and paid this will be deducted off your next bill.
Christmas Nativity – letters will be handed out next week for your child’s party food. Please return by Friday 6th December. Additional tickets are on sale for £1
Sessions for the Spring Term – letters confirming sessions will also go out next week. If you find these are wrong, or you would like more or to make a change please speak to Miss Emma who will happily help.
Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo

Weekly News 08.11.19

It has been a very busy week at preschool with lots of amazing adventures to catch up on from your half term. We had children who went to see fireworks, some saw crocodiles and one met Billy Beachball on their holiday!
To celebrate bonfire night the children explored different techniques on how to make a picture that looked like fireworks. On the floor the children had access to some logs, bricks and chalk. On the table they had access to cardboard tubes, marbles and paint. As you can see from our photos the outcomes where very creative.
We introduced our new story stones to the preschool. The children where unsure about them at first and asked what they were. They quickly learnt how to use them and their imaginations started to run wild and we had lots of funny stories being made….. “The granny flew in the aeroplane and eat the cloud. They taste like cotton wool. Then the shopping basket ate a tree!”
The children have also been accessing the children’s camera. They have been taking lots of photos of each other and things around the preschool.
Next week we will be introducing small group times for the children who are going to school in September 2020! This will be short to begin with then building up throughout the year. Please look out on Tapestry news for things we may ask from you at home!!!
Upcoming events……..
Storytime – we have been invited to join the reception class for their Storytime on a Tuesday afternoon. This will start at 3pm. If you need to collect your child early on this day please do so by 2.45pm.
Parents evening – 12.11.19 we look forward to seeing some of you for parents evening!!
Nativity – 13.12.19 at the village hall. Please note if this is not a regular session for your child that we ask you to bring them along to the hall for 11am. After the nativity we ask that an adult is present to stay with the children (everyone) to enjoy the party food and meet our special visitor. The party will aim to finish by 1.30pm – 2pm when everyone is free to go and start to enjoy their Christmas celebrations!
Zoolab – 10.12.19 at preschool.
Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!
Miss Emma, Miss Hannah, Miss Trudy & Miss Jo

Annual General Meeting – 22nd October 7.30pm held at the preschool. This is a perfect opportunity to come along and meet other parents. It’s a chance for you to join our fantastic committee and play a major part in your child’s journey. The committee play a huge role in running the preschool and without the support of these volunteers we are unable to open. If you would like anymore information please do speak to a member of staff or our Chair Alice

Weekly News – 18th October 2019

The children have had a lovely week investigating Farms! We had a visit from a farmer with his lovely calf’s. We made our very own butter and cooked some yummy soup. We were also invited to St George’s harvest festival in the church.

Weekly News – 11th October 2019

This week has been fun packed with lots of awe and wonder…..
We have now signed up to The Curiosity Approach accreditation. The Curiosity Approach is more than just a beautiful play place. It’s a beautiful recipe of wonderful ingredients including Reggio, Steiner, Te Whariki and a sprinkle of Montessori. We are hoping that throughout this accreditation process our environment becomes an aquarium which reflects the ideas, ethics, attitudes and life-styles of the people who live here. Throughout the process we will be asking you for your input ideas and support. If you would like more information please do ask.
This week one of the children became fascinated by an object. They asked many questions and explored the shape. Miss Trudy introduced them to a new word ‘Boomerang’. Some children recognised this word and told her that it comes from Australia. Together they looked at the map and decided to make their own! One child named their boomerang a ‘Boogerang’!
To celebrate Autumn we will be having lots of different activities over the next two weeks. Next week is Farmers week where we will be having lots of different exciting activities to do with farming and sharing harvest celebrations with St Georges School. If your child would like to decorate a pumpkin of any size and bring it in to display at preschool, we would love to see them. They can be any size and decorated in with what ever you would like. We will be giving a prize for the best decorated pumpkin, so get creative!
Thank you for grandparents who came into preschool to celebrate Grandparents Day. The children enjoyed baking scones and sharing them. Yum Yum!!
Coach Jon came and taught as ‘big bubble, small bubble’ and how to make pyramids. Maggie Moo took us on a journey on her train for milkshake. She taught us a new song about doing 2 things at the same time which is really tricky!!!
Next week to celebrate farmers week we will be joining St George’s School for their Harvest Festival service in the church on Thursday afternoon.
We would like to take an offering of produce from pre-school. If you have anything that we can add to our basket please can you bring it in before next Thursday.
Have a fun filled curious weekend! We all look forward to seeing you next week as a Farmer’s…….
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo 🙂

Weekly News – 4th October 2019

We have had a very busy week at preschool. This week the children have been given some challenges. They found Humpty Dumpty fallen off his wall and had to make a new one to keep him safe! The children also find some sad Owls who needed a new nest. The children thought about the challenge and with the loose parts started to build. One of the children asked about the sounds Owls make. Miss Hannah use her iPod to learn the sounds that owls make. We have had some amazing buildings and maybe some future architects in the making! Miss Jo set the challenge of making faces using natural resources and mirrors. The children looked at their features and each other’s. They discussed what was the same and what was different about each other. Miss Trudy set the challenge of working together in her bakery! The children thought about the different roles they need and set about working together as a team! Coach Jon and Moo Music came to see us this week. We went driving, looking for leaves and extending our physical skills though kicking and hitting.
Upcoming events…..
Parents evening– this is open for parents to book an appointment with their key person. It is really important to come and see us if your child is new to the setting or is off to school next September. The times are on the wall above the signing in sheet.
Farmers Week – to celebrate harvest festival we are asking the children to come in dress in the theme of farms!
We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah and Miss Jo x

Weekly News – 27th September 2019









This week we have had a fantastic week which started in a sweet way! Miss Hannah had kindly organised our Macmillan
Coffee Morning – Thank you we raised £38.85. The children enjoyed their picnic as they tucked into some very yummy cake. There is still time to donate if you so wish! we had some cake left over and decided to share this with the toddler group at St George’s. The children enjoyed spending time over at the school and even had their snack there! Miss Emma brought over her ‘Magic Spoons’ and we all had a lovely sing along.
The children on Tuesday felt a bit tired so we thought about what we could do. One child suggested to get some pillows so we all made some little nests to rest on. Miss Emma played a calming sleep story to the children whilst they rested their heads. The children all felt refreshed and ready for lunch.
As the weather has been rather damp we decided to put on our wetsuits and wellies to go outside. In the garden the children worked together to build with the tyres and crates. At times there were some challenges but as a team they tested ideas and came up with some great solutions. One of our children was very creative and used the tyre as a hula hoop!!!
Maggie Moo and Coach Jon came to visit us this week. The children all listened well and had lots of fun!
Please note we have had a few temperatures and sickness this week. To aid the spread of these nasty bugs in line with public health that it must be 48 hours since the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea.
Upcoming events……………
Annual General Meeting – 22nd October 7.30pm held at the preschool. This is a perfect opportunity to come along and meet other parents. It’s a chance for you to join our fantastic committee and play a major part in your child’s journey. The committee play a huge role in running the preschool and without the support of these volunteers we are unable to open. If you would like anymore information please do speak to a member of staff or our Chair Alice
7th October – Grandparents Day Tea Party 2pm – 3pm
7th November – Sponsored Pyjama/Onsie Day in aid of Crackerjacks Children’s Trust
28th October – 1st November – Half term
Miss Emma, Miss Trudy, Miss Hannah & Miss Jo


The New Preschool Committee – Alice Zourzi

As some of you may already know, there have been a few changes to our preschool committee. Lucy and Fiona have stepped down as Chair and Vice Chair after putting in a lot of hard work and dedication over the last few years. They have done a fantastic job and we all owe them a huge thank you!

Myself and Alex Walker have taken on the roles of Chair and Vice Chair. Our treasurer is now Paul Bowe and our secretary is Katherine Shean. Clive, Kim, Fran and Jolene make up the rest of the team. We are always keen to get more members so please come forward if you are interested in joining us!

There are some new, and very fetching, photos of the whole committee going up on the website and the board outside the school so please do come to any of us with ideas, comments, feedback or any concerns. We really need and value your input to make sure we are providing the best possible environment for the children.