Behaviour Management Policy

We aim to provide a stimulating environment in which children develop self-discipline and self esteem.

We believe in working towards managing behaviour rather than the discipline of a child.

  • Clear consistent boundaries are set regarding behaviour, taking into account the age and stage development of the child.
  • Children are made aware of the need for goals and boundaries and specific expectations for their behaviour in ways appropriate to their levels of understanding.
  • Positive methods of guidance are used. We reward good behaviour and encourage respect for others.
  • We encourage responsibility such as helping to tidy up, helping with cups and snacks at snack time, helping the new/smaller children.
  • Adults intervene and redirect, if necessary, to prevent disagreements developing that children cannot handle.
  • Physical punishment is never used, nor are practices which humiliate or frighten children.
  • Physical punishment is not resorted to and where restraint is unavoidable, the minimum amount is used consistent with maintaining the safety of the child and others.
  • Any incidents of unwanted behaviour are handled in a calm and controlled manner.
  • If parents think their child is being bullied, they are requested to inform the Learning Co-ordinator/Manager, noting if possible, who, what, where and when the bullying occurred. If bullying is taking place, responses will vary from short periods of exclusion from activities to a withdrawal of privileges. In extreme cases, children may be excluded from the provision.
  • Persistent problems with unwanted behaviour are promptly and accurately recorded, then reported to parents/carers, colleagues or professionals, as appropriate, and advice sought.
  • It is always made clear that it is the behaviour, not the child, that is unwelcome.
  • Training and support in behaviour management is available to staff. A designated member of staff will have a responsibility for Behaviour Management issues.

The designated member of staff is Mrs Trudy Witham

To help the children understand and learn how to play amongst others we have a set of Golden Rules which are regularly discussed with the children.

We believe in;

  • Praising and rewarding positive behaviour.
  • Providing a good role model prompting acceptable behaviour.
  • Discussing issues with other children.
  • Giving children the language with which to express themselves.
  • Providing a stimulating and developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Providing equipment and materials through which children can play out their feelings.
  • Giving attention on a one to one basis.
  • Children are awarded stickers for helping to tidy up, good work.
  • Rewarding achievements.